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SBI3U-04 (Period 4)

Page history last edited by Graeme Parke 11 years, 9 months ago

Grade 11 University Biology







  1. Diversity of Living Things
  2. Genetic Processes
  3. Animals: Structure and Function
  4. Plants: Anatomy, Growth, and Function
  5. Evolution 





Feb. 1:  Course Introduction and Cell Struction and Function Review

 HW: Safety Limerick Assignment


Feb. 2:  Snow Day!


Feb. 3:  Biologically Important Molecules


Feb. 4: Biologically Important Molecules Continued & Introduction to Classification


Unit 1:

Diversity of Living Things


Feb. 7:  Origins of Diversity & Dichotomous Keys

HW: Dichotomous Key Assignment, due Friday Feb 11


Feb. 8:  Viruses


Feb. 9:  Viruses continued...


Feb. 10:  Kingdom Archaea


Feb. 11:  The Importance of Biodiversity (activity & discussion)


Feb. 14:  Bacteria Lab (Set-Up) & Kingdon Bacteria


Feb. 15:  Kingdom Bacteria continued & microviewer assignment


Feb. 16:  Kingdom Protista

HW: Disease Pamphlet assigned


Feb. 17:  Bacteria Lab (observation) & Gram-Staining


Feb. 22:  Typhoid Gar...err...Mary video


Feb. 23:  Kingdom Fungi and Kingdom Plantae

HW: Read Section 12.4 (pp. 450-8) and answer questions 1, 4, 6, and 7 on p. 458


Feb. 24:  Another go at the Bacteria Lab...

HW: Complete the Bacteria Lab Handout, due Monday, Feb 28


Feb. 25:  Animal Classification Activity & BBC's Planet Earth (Jungles).

HW:  Start reviewing your notes in preparation for the March 10th unit test!


Feb. 28:  Another completely unproductive Snow Day!


March 1:  The Animal Kingdom - Note that this website shows far more phyla than we care about at this point.  Also note that it includes protozoans and another group called the "mesozoans."  These are generally considered to fall into the Kingdom Protista.  Focus specifically on the following: Ponifera, Cnidaria, Platyhelminthes, Nematoda, Annedlida, Mollusca, Arthropoda, Echinodermata, and Chordata.  Bonus Marks if you spontaneously tell me some interesting piece of information about the Tardigrada phylum sometime before the unit test - thanks for taking the time to keep up to date by checking this site!

HW: As a group, research the evolutionary advantages of the mesoderm, coelum, and bilateral symmetry.


March 2:  Animal Development and Body Plan & Alice and Bob


March 3:  The Animal Kingdom continued & Unit Review 


Unit 2:

Genetic Processes


March 4:  Key Terms in Genetics & Kingergarten DNA-making activity


March 7:  Diversity Unit review


March 8:  DNA Structure, Function, and Replication, and the discovery of the happy-flappy-sappy-bob gene.


March 9: Protein Synthesis note and activity


March 10: Diversity Unit Test


March 11:  Cloning video


March 21:  Mitosis and Meiosis


March 22:  Mitosis and Meiosis continued; Spermatogenesis & Oogenesis

HW:  DNA Central Dogma Dry Lab, due tomorrow


March 23:  Mitosis and Meiosis "On the Table"

HW: Complete lab handout for tomorrow.  If you missed today, visit the link above.  You'll need to download the two files under "student handouts."  Use pipecleaners, if you have them, or small strips of paper.  For tomorrow, wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty, since we're headed to the greenhouse!


March 24:  Half-Day Greenhouse Planting!


March 25:  DEAR & Meiosis wrap-up


March 28:  Gattaca


March 29:  Gattaca coninued & Karyotypes


March 30:  Genetics of Inheritance


March 31:  Inheritance of One Trait


April 1:  Meiosis Quiz & Inheritance of One Trait continued...

HW: Complete SpongeBob Genetics worksheet for Monday


April 4: Happy Monday!  Pedigrees (from the Inheritance of One Trait note above...) and Tasting excercise

HW: Complete Monohybrid Cross worksheet for tomorow

REMINDER!  DNA Extraction Lab is due on Wednesday.  Diversity Test Make-Up Assignment is due on Monday, April 11.


April 5: Inheritance of TWO Traits.

HW: Complete Dihybrid Cross worksheet for tomorrow.


April 6:  Beyond Mendel's LawsBlood Types (PS - I lead you astray.  O-type blood is not as uncommon as I made it out to be.  That said, it's still in really high demand, as it is extremely important for blood banks to keep it in stock.)

HW: Complete Genetics Problems (3) for FRIDAY


April 7:  Discussion of Genomics unit project & Library research time


April 8:  Martian Babies!  No electronic handouts, so please see me if you missed today!


April 11:  Cross Dressing or Crossing Over?  Sex Determination in Humans.  Full powerpoint linked here - which itself contains links to those incredible videos!  BEST THING EVER MADE!


April 12: Sex-Linked Inheritance

HW: Complete Genetics Problems (4) for tomorrow.


April 13: When Things Go Wrong (two sets of notes)


April 14: The Future of Genetics & Genetic Testing Dilemma Role-Play (no electronic copy of "Future" notes - please see me for a set)


April 15: Unit Review - You may find the following link interesting - it kinds of relates to meiosis...kind of.  Ok, not really, but it's where I'm going to draw my bonus question from this time.  Which will actually be answered on the test, instead of semi-awkwardly in front of confused onlookers just before class starts.  The bonus question will have something to do with the second last paragraph of the article - the one that begins "In 1974..."

HW: Genetics Problems (5) to practice all types of..well...genetics problems.


Unit 3:

Animals: Structure and Function


April 18: Anatomy of the Respiratory System & Review time

The link for the bonus questions has been added - see April 15.


April 19: Genetics Unit Test


April 20: Structure and Function of the Respiratory System (ask for a summary sheet to fill out)

HW: Read pp 250-255 and answer questions 1, 2, 4, 5, 6.


April 21:  Measuring Respiratory Volume Lab - see me for a lab handout.


April 26:  The Mechanics of Breathing

Also - Class Data for Measuring Respiratory Volume Lab - get a start on the lab questions.


April 27:  The Ice Hockey Injury case study.


April 28:  Control of Breathing & MASSIVE POWER OUTAGE!


April 29:  Mammalian Circulatory System Mammalian Heart


May 2:  Mammalian Heart continued & Heart Rate Lab

HW: Complete Respiration and Heart Rate "Labs" for Friday


May 3: Genomics Presentations


May 4:  Genomics Presentations


May 5:  Genomics Presentations & The Nature of Blood Flow   (blank template - ask a classmate to fill this note out completely)


May 6:  Blood!


May 9:  Transport and Homeostasis


May 10:  Big Book of Digestion, part 1.  Mmmmm, bolus.  Please note, this is the studen version of the document.  When we've completed it, I will upload the complete version with blanks filled in.

HW: Answer the pre-lab questions in preparation for Wednesday's digestion lab.


May 11:  Mr. Parke battling the forces of monoculture.  Read Section 9.1 in the textbook (pp 282-287) and complete all review questions on p. 287.

HW: Complete Pre-Lab questions for tomorrow


May 12:  Enzyme and Digestion Lab


May 13:  Mr. Parke captured by the forces of monoculture.  Enjoy a video while he fights for his life.


May 16:  Fetal Pig Dissection, Day 1 - some of the links on that page no longer work, but the important ones do - great review for the bell-ringer


May 17:  Fetal Pig Dissection, Day 2


May 18:  Big Book of Dissection continued...


May 19:  Big Book of Dissection finally concluded - this is a completed version, for those who missed parts


May 20:  Systems wrap-up - Read the following (some of which you may already have looked at when I was away last week):  Sections 9.1, 10.1, and 10.4.



May 24:  Canadian Blood Services presentaion


May 25:  Intro to plants & Review time

Systems Test Bonus Extravaganza!  Check out this article on Canadian Blood Services OneMatch program.  At the time it was written (about 8-9 months ago) how many patients were the in Canada waiting for a stem cell transplant?


May 26:  Review Period - good luck tomorrow!


May 27:  Animal Systems Unit Test



Unit 4:

Plants: Anatomy, Growth & Function


May 30:  Overview of Plants & Microscope time & Summative Review part 1


May 31:  Plant Anatomy & Microscope time & Summative Review part 2


June 1:  Plant Anatomy continued...


June 2:  Monocot vs. Dicot & Microscope time


June 3:  Summative Review & The Private Life of Plants video re: adaptations

Plant Review Package!


Additional Plant Notes - in no particular order...

Monocot vs. Dicot pictures

Plant Response to Stimuli

What Plants Need

Transport in Plants

Plant Adaptations




Unit 5:



Notes, in no particular order.  If you did miss these classes, it would be prudent to try and obtain copies from fellow students.  This is not exactly the material presented in class.


The history of evolution

Darwin's voyage

Evidence for Evolution

The Evolution of Population



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